Oryza_sativaFamily: CSD Number of Genes: 5
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CSPs include the major cold-shock proteins CspA and CspB in bacteria and the eukaryotic gene regulatory factor Y-box protein. CSP expression is up-regulated by an abrupt drop in growth temperature. CSPs are also expressed under normal condition at lower level. The function of cold-shock proteins is not fully understood. They preferentially bind poly-pyrimidine region of single-stranded RNA and DNA [PUBMED:8321288]. CSPs are thought to bind mRNA and regulate ribosomal translation, mRNA degradation, and the rate of transcription termination. The human Y-box protein, which contains a CSD [PUBMED:11851341], regulates transcription and translation of genes that contain the Y-box sequence in their promoters. This specific ssDNA-binding properties of CSD are required for the binding of Y-box protein to the promoter's Y-box sequence, thereby regulating transcription.


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