Mus_musculusFamily: DUF1325 Number of Genes: 1
Ensembl IDSymbolEntrez IDRBD RBPome PRIExpresion PathwayPhenotype ParalogOrthologGO



This domain is found in the yeast protein SAGA-associated factor 29. This domain is related to members of the Tudor domain superfamily such as PF05641. The SAGA complex is involved in RNA polymerase II-dependent transcriptional regulation. The membership of the tudor domain superfamily suggests this domain may bind to RNA.


SAGA-associated factor 29 is involved in transcriptional regulation, probably through association with histone acetyltransferase (HAT) complexes like the TFTC-HAT or STAGA complexes. It also may be involved in MYC-mediated oncogenic transformation. It is a component of the ATAC complex, which is a complex with histone acetyltransferase activity on histones H3 and H4 [PUBMED:19103755].


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