Drosophila_melanogasterFamily: MRP-S27 Number of Genes: 1
Ensembl IDSymbolEntrez IDRBD RBPome PRIExpresion PathwayPhenotype ParalogOrthologGO



Members of this family of small ribosomal proteins possess one of three conserved blocks of sequence found in proteins that stimulate the dissociation of guanine nucleotides from G-proteins, leaving open the possibility that MRP-S27 might be a functional partner of GTP-binding ribosomal proteins [1].


Mammalian pentatricopeptide repeat domain (PPR) proteins are involved in regulation of mitochondrial RNA metabolism and translation and are required for mitochondrial function. The supernumerary mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the small subunit 27 (MRPS27) is not required for mitochondrial RNA processing or the stability of the small ribosomal subunit. However, MRPS27 is required for mitochondrial protein synthesis [PUBMED:22841715].


  1. Koc EC, Burkhart W, Blackburn K, Koc H, Moseley A, Spremulli LL; , Protein Sci. 2001;10:471-481.: Identification of four proteins from the small subunit of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome using a proteomics approach. PUBMED:11344316 EPMC:11344316.