Oryza_sativaFamily: Mago_nashi Number of Genes: 2
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This family was originally identified in Drosophila and called mago nashi, it is a strict maternal effect, grandchildless-like, gene [3]. The human homologue has been shown to interact with an RNA binding protein Q9Y5S9 [1]. An RNAi knockout of the C. elegans homologue causes masculinization of the germ line (Mog phenotype) hermaphrodites, suggesting it is involved in hermaphrodite germ-line sex determination [2]. Mago nashi has been found to be part of the exon-exon junction complex that binds 20 nucleotides upstream of exon-exon junctions [4].


This family was originally identified in Drosophila and called mago nashi, it is a strict maternal effect, grandchildless-like, gene [PUBMED:1765008]. The protein is an integral member of the exon junction complex (EJC). The EJC is a multiprotein complex that is deposited on spliced mRNAs after intron removal at a conserved position upstream of the exon-exon junction, and transported to the cytoplasm where it has been shown to influence translation, surveillance, and localization of the spliced mRNA. It consists of four core proteins (eIF4AIII, Barentsz [Btz], Mago, and Y14), mRNA, and ATP and is supposed to be a binding platform for more peripherally and transiently associated factors along mRNA travel. Mago and Y14 form a stable heterodimer that stabilizes the complex by inhibiting eIF4AIII's ATPase activity. Mago-Y14 heterodimer has been shown to interact with the cytoplasmic protein PYM, an EJC disassembly factor, and specifically binds to the karyopherin nuclear receptor importin 13 [PUBMED:18164611, PUBMED:20818392, PUBMED:20946982, PUBMED:15734573, PUBMED:12781131, PUBMED:15145352, PUBMED:18423193, PUBMED:1765008, PUBMED:10656761, PUBMED:10662555, PUBMED:11707413, PUBMED:9272960, PUBMED:12730685, PUBMED:14968132, PUBMED:15567724, PUBMED:16380844, PUBMED:17545126].


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