Oryza_sativaFamily: Ribonuc_2-5A Number of Genes: 1
Ensembl IDSymbolEntrez IDRBD RBPome PRIExpresion PathwayPhenotype ParalogOrthologGO



This domain is a endoribonuclease [1]. Specifically it cleaves an intron from Hac1 mRNA in humans, which causes it to be much more efficiently translated.


The proteins listed below share a common architecture with a protein kinase homology domain (see PROSITEDOC) followed by an ~135-residue globular kinase-extension nuclease (KEN) domain made of eight helices [PUBMED:18191223]:


  1. Tirasophon W, Welihinda AA, Kaufman RJ; , Genes Dev 1998;12:1812-1824.: A stress response pathway from the endoplasmic reticulum to the nucleus requires a novel bifunctional protein kinase/endoribonuclease (Ire1p) in mammalian cells. PUBMED:9637683 EPMC:9637683.