Macaca_mulattaFamily: SRP40_C Number of Genes: 1
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This presumed domain is found at the C-terminus of the S. cerevisiae SRP40 protein P32583 and its homologues. SRP40/nopp40 is a chaperone involved in nucleocytoplasmic transport. SRP40 is also a suppressor of mutant AC40 subunit of RNA polymerase I and III.


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  1. Meier UT; , J Biol Chem 1996;271:19376-19384.: Comparison of the rat nucleolar protein nopp140 with its yeast homolog SRP40. Differential phosphorylation in vertebrates and yeast. PUBMED:8702624 EPMC:8702624 .

  2. Ikonomova R, Sommer T, Kepes F; , DNA Cell Biol 1997;16:1161-1173.: The Srp40 protein plays a dose-sensitive role in preribosome assembly or transport and depends on its carboxy-terminal domain for proper localization to the yeast nucleoskeleton. PUBMED:9364927 EPMC:9364927.