Oryza_sativaFamily: tRNA-synt_2e Number of Genes: 1
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In eubacteria, glycine-tRNA ligase (EC) is an alpha2/beta2 tetramer composed of 2 different subunits [PUBMED:6309809, PUBMED:7962006, PUBMED:7665503]. In some eubacteria, in archaea and eukaryota, glycine-tRNA ligase is an alpha2 dimer (see INTERPRO). It belongs to class IIc and is one of the most complex ligases. What is most interesting is the lack of similarity between the two types: divergence at the sequence level is so great that it is impossible to infer descent from common genes. The alpha and beta subunits also lack significant sequence similarity. However, they are translated from a single mRNA [PUBMED:6309809], and a single chain glycine-tRNA ligase from Chlamydia trachomatis has been found to have significant similarity with both domains, suggesting divergence from a single polypeptide chain [PUBMED:7665503].


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