Homo_sapiensFamily: Bin3 Number of Genes: 2
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This family represents a conserved region of approximately 120 residues within eukaryotic Bicoid-interacting protein 3 (Bin3). Bin3, which shows similarity to a number of protein methyltransferases that modify RNA-binding proteins, interacts with Bicoid, which itself directs pattern formation in the early Drosophila embryo. The interaction might allow Bicoid to switch between its dual roles in transcription and translation [1]. Note that family members contain a conserved HLN motif.


This entry represents the C-terminal conserved region of the Drosophila probable RNA methyltransferase bin3 [PUBMED:1071748]. Proteins containing this domain also include human pre-miRNA 5'-monophosphate methyltransferase BCDIN3D [PUBMED:23063121] and 7SK snRNA methylphosphate capping enzyme MEPCE [PUBMED:17643375]. This domain contains a conserved HLN motif.


  1. Zhu W, Hanes SD; , Gene 2000;245:329-339.: Identification of drosophila bicoid-interacting proteins using a custom two-hybrid selection. PUBMED:10717484 EPMC:10717484.