Saccharomyces_cerevisiaeFamily: Ribosomal_S15 Number of Genes: 2
Ensembl IDSymbolEntrez IDRBD RBPome PRIExpresion PathwayPhenotype ParalogOrthologGO



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Ribosomal protein S15 is one of the proteins from the small ribosomal subunit. In Escherichia coli, this protein binds to 16S ribosomal RNA and functions at early steps in ribosome assembly. It belongs to a family of ribosomal proteins which, on the basis of sequence similarities [PUBMED:2263452,], groups bacterial and plant chloroplast S15; archaeal Haloarcula marismortui HmaS15 (HS11); yeast mitochondrial S28; and mammalian, yeast, Brugia pahangi and Wuchereria bancrofti S13. S15 is a protein of 80 to 250 amino-acid residues.


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