Mus_musculusFamily: THUMP Number of Genes: 3
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The THUMP domain is named after after thiouridine synthases, methylases and PSUSs [1]. The THUMP domain consists of about 110 amino acid residues. The structure of ThiI reveals that the THUMP has a fold unlike that of previously characterised RNA-binding domains [2]. It is predicted that this domain is an RNA-binding domain The THUMP domain probably functions by delivering a variety of RNA modification enzymes to their targets [1].


The THUMP (after thiouridine synthases, RNA methylases and pseudouridine synthases) domain is a module of 100-110 amino acid residues which is involved RNA metabolism. It is shared by enzymes that are predicted to carry out at least three unrelated types of RNA-modification, namely methylation, pseudouridylation and thiouridylation. The THUMP domain can occur in stand- alone form or in association with a variety of catalytic domains, like methylase, pseudo U-synthase or rhodanese. THUMP is an ancient domain with predicted RNA-binding capacity that probably functions by delivering a variety of RNA modification enzymes to their targets. The THUMP domain apparently evolved prior to the divergence of the primary divisions of life [PUBMED:11295541].


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