Homo_sapiensFamily: IF-2 Number of Genes: 2
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IF-2 is a translation initiator in each of the three main phylogenetic domains (Eukaryotes [1] Bacteria [2] and Archaea [3]). IF2 interacts with formylmethionine-tRNA, GTP, IF1, IF3 and both ribosomal subunits [2]. Through these interactions, IF2 promotes the binding of the initiator tRNA to the A site in the smaller ribosomal subunit and catalyses the hydrolysis of GTP following initiation-complex formation [2].


Initiation factor 2 (IF-2) is one of the three factors required for the initiation of protein biosynthesis in bacteria [PUBMED:15755955]. IF-2 promotes the GTP-dependent binding of the initiator tRNA to the small subunit of the ribosome. IF-2 is a protein of about 70 to 95 kDa that contains a central GTP-binding domain flanked by a highly variable N-terminal domain and a more conserved C-terminal domain. Some members of this group undergo protein self splicing that involves a post-translational excision of the intein followed by peptide ligation.


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