Homo_sapiensFamily: YTH Number of Genes: 5
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A protein of the YTH family has been shown to selectively remove transcripts of meiosis-specific genes expressed in mitotic cells [3]. It has been speculated that in higher eukaryotic YTH-family members may be involved in similar mechanisms to suppress gene regulation during gametogenesis or general silencing. The rat protein Q9QY02 YT521-B is a tyrosine-phosphorylated nuclear protein, that interacts with the nuclear transcriptosomal component scaffold attachment factor B, and the 68-kDa Src substrate associated during mitosis, Sam68. In vivo splicing assays demonstrated that YT521-B modulates alternative splice site selection in a concentration-dependent manner [1]. The YTH domain has been identified as part of the PUA superfamily [4].


The YTH (YT521-B homology) domain has been suggested to be an evolutionarily conserved m6A-dependent RNA binding domain [PUBMED:26318451]. Proteins containing this domain includes mammalian YTHD and YTDC proteins, Arabidopsis CPSF30 (At1g30460), budding yeast Pho92 and fission yeast Mmi1.


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